bad paintings

oil paintings/

During my fellowship at Vermont Studio Center in 2017, I gave myself a homework assignment: make a bad painting a day. Prior to this experiment, I was at a crossroads – how had I come to dread what I loved? Why did painting conjure existential agony? My paintings had become so removed from what was real and alive to me in the moment that I felt like I was painting with all of the joy of a funeral pyre. For 30 days, under the precept of Sol Lewitt’s advice to Eva Hesse: Practice being stupid, dumb, unthinking, empty… and just DO!, I let go of my formal hangups and intellectual obligations and tried my dumbest ideas. I had so much fun making Bad Paintings that I decided to never make a “good” painting again. My bad paintings were exhibited at my solo show at Chinatown Soup in NYC, and were sold individually and at Flux Factory’s Annual Auction & Gala.