Time Isn’t Real

Solo show at Chinatown Soup in NYC/

In the surreal dystopian aftermath of Trump’s election, I decided that if I couldn’t envision a future, I might as well have a Happy End of the World. Instead of highlighting my paintings, my paintings were used as decor for an immersive, participatory solo exhibition at the DIY art space Chinatown Soup, with six napping stations for local employees to rest on their lunch breaks (and an optional erotic poetry reading as they dozed). Sickened by social media, I promoted Time Isn’t Real, Whiteness is a Lie, and Your Money Doesn’t Mean Anything by rapidly disseminating hundreds of love letters within a two block radius, and got a bubble machine and disco lights to enhance visibility. All of the materials were locally sourced from nearby Chinese dollar stores, and the art was the same price as a Happy Meal (offering art as an economical alternative to fast food & frappes).

filmed and edited by Leo Hsu