Lunch Poems

VHS poetry/

Lunch Poems was a process-based VHS collaboration with J Triangular at Flux Factory in NYC. In dialogue with the diurnal quality of Frank O’ Hara’s Lunch Poems, we wanted to elevate our everyday lives to the heroic status of Fine Art by celebrating achievements in the Domestic Arts.1 For one month, J filmed me living my everyday life, i.e. showering, wandering, riding the subway, eating corn, dancing on the roof, et cetera. At gloaming, I would write and record a new poem, and J would edit the footage until it fit the length of the poem. Lunch Poems functions as a flamboyant, non-linear, experimental video diary and a heart-shaped locket in remembrance of our surreal intimacy.

Though, tbh, neither of us were gifted dishwashers
Directed & edited by J Triangular
Translated by An An Chen